Hi, I’m Tara! I’m a metalsmith, designer, healer, lawyer, and, my most important role, mother. I wear many hats (as we all do) but metalsmithing is a sacred space for me, the place that I connect. Welcome to my sacred space.

Jewelry has been the gateway to connecting all the parts of myself – my desire to help people (which is why I became a lawyer and healer), to understand them, to love myself and others unconditionally, to bring peace to others, to create and be creative with others, and help others feel good about themselves and their place in this world.

Healing stones, crystals, metals, prayers and affirmations have completely changed my world. My outlook has been transformed and I know yours will be too. I would love for you to join me on this adventure to transform your world and your outlook.

The jewelry I design tells the story of a journey of self-exploration and acceptance; a journey we are all on. Adorning ourselves is one way to physically manifest the most authentic part of our souls. It creates a connection to our joy. I believe that when we feel outwardly beautiful, we are better able to radiate our inner beauty and our authentic selves to the world.