My work is a pure extension of who I am. As an energy healer and Reiki master, as well as a lawyer-mediator, I am greatly influenced by spirituality, consciousness, Earth energy, healing and uplifting others.

I was a new lawyer in my mid-20s when I discovered my passion for creating jewelry. Before this time I’d never really considered myself creative. This discovery started to make me question all of the other beliefs I’d had about myself.  This questioning was the catalyst to my healing journey and the reason that I am so passionate about helping others question the stories they tell themselves.

This passion led me to create jewelry with soul and with purpose. The purpose of the jewelry I create is to be an extension of pure love energy. Created in sacred space, each piece is infused with healing intention and Reiki energy.

Healing stones, crystals, metals, prayers and affirmations have completely changed my world and transformed my outlook. I would love for you to join me on this adventure to transform your world and your outlook.