You can feel good purchasing your Tara Reynolds jewelry and know that it was created using sustainable practices that respect Mother Earth.

Our commitment to the sustainability of our planet is extremely important to us.

Here are just some of things we do:

• Sustainable Metals – 95% of all metals used in our designs are recycled or reclaimed.

• Stones + Gems – 80-85% of our stones are ethically-sourced, the remaining 15-20% come from upcycled and/or vintage pieces.

• Earth-Friendly Shipping Materials – 100% of our shipping materials (even our shipping labels) are biodegradable, recycled materials, recyclable, reusable and made from renewable materials.

• All jewelry packaging is recycled and is made with post-consumer materials.

• All office paper is made with post-consumer materials and is always recycled.

• We use non-toxic and earth-friendly acids and cleaners in lieu of the more traditional jeweler’s chemicals.